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97096 St-Barthelemy cedex
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St Barts Real Estate Agency

Contact us to get the best deals available or allow us to hunt them for you. Best properties do not stay long for sale. So they are rarely listed in agencies.

Welcome to the number one hunter for Saint-Barthelemy villas, apartments, lands and businesses. St Barts Agency is for buyers and sellers of St Barth real estate market who want to buy or sell at the right price. Our main goal is to provide you with the resources necessary to make an informed decision regarding your purchase or sale of St Barth properties, from small St Barth apartments to luxury St Barths villas.

Saint Barthélemy features some of the most desirable real estate in the world. With its lovely year-round tropical weather, gorgeous beaches and vibrant French culture, security, Saint Barthelemy real estate continues to capture the attention of buyers from all over the world. If you are looking to purchase any St Barth properties in our paradise island, St Barts Agency is here to guide you through the entire process of finding and purchasing (see below) the perfect St Barths real estate property for you.

If you are planning to sell your St Barts property , we are here to market your house or apartment for sell for the right price in the most efficient way by utilizing the most up-to-date technological marketing tools. Whether you are buying or selling a home, or planing to start St Barts villa rentals, we promise to provide you top-notch service tailored to your individual needs.

We can also assist you for properties in Anguilla, the next St Barts, and French Riviera. We are available online 7 days a week.

Buying Property in St Barts

Any person or legal entity may buy a property in St Barts.

Saint-Barthelemy is an overseas collectivity (COM) of France since 2007 and an overseas territory of the European Union since 2012, benefiting from a particular tax status, like no annual property tax.

Regulated by French and European laws, buying is very secure and simple. The transaction is processed by a French notary, a legal specialist who is a public officer.

We assist you at every step:

St Barts Agency SAS
33 rue Jeanne d'Arc BP297
97096 St-Barthelemy cedex
Tel: +33 7 83 12 00 00

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