Any person or legal entity may buy a property in St Barts.

Saint-Barthelemy is an overseas collectivity (COM) of France since 2007 and an overseas territory of the European Union since 2012, benefiting from a particular status, like no annual property tax.

Regulated by French and European laws, buying is very secure and simple. The transaction is processed by a French notary, a legal specialist who is a public officer.

We assist you at every step:

  • We help you find your ideal property thanks to our knowledge of St Barts market and to our local relationships.
  • When you are ready to buy, we will submit a simple offer to purchase to the seller.
  • Upon acceptance by the seller, the notary will prepare a purchase and sale agreement (“compromis de vente”) on behalf of both parties.  The buyer will deposit 10% of the sale price into the notary escrow account.
  • Closing happens generally after 3 months. At this time, the buyer will pay the balance of the total due, including one time transfer tax and notary’s fees.
  • Once you are a happy owner, we can assist you with house management, renovating, renting out…